Tuesday, December 25, 2007

PGR: The Chemical Bride
Silent Records 1992

1. The Sound Wall 5:15
2. Headful Of Blue Sun 8:30
3. The Data Egg 6:03
4. Oceanic & Atmospheric 13:21
5. Sulphur (Flowers Sublimed) 9:14
6. The Chemical Bride 8:31
7. Signalling Through The Flames 5:05
8. Born Tying Knots 8:50

PGR is Kim Cascone of Silent Records. An eerie and haunting work with great layering of tonal atmospheres and distant ambient soundscapes. Isolation in foreign places, unearthly sub-mechanical textures. Coming to grips with being marooned somewhere cold, far out in space under the ice pools of dead stars.

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Pain Jerk: Fore Skin
AMP 1994

1. Garbage Truck 15:04 Side A
2. Skin Collector 13:38 Side B
3. Neomort 0:41 Side B

High end shredding sweeping in and out of low end loops and trash; crisp, dynamic feedback psychedelia. Mid-90's era harsh noise from Japan

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